Outside the Lines Multimedia is excited to offer video and multi-track audio recording for live music!

Musicians, are you tired of the dark cell phone videos and terrible audio that gets shot at your shows?

Are you ready for a more polished looking video, and professional sounding audio?!

If so, call or email today and let’s discuss what’s right for you:

  • A single HD camera and two track portable digital audio
  • Multiple cameras and up to 4 tracks of digital audio
  • Footage that we edit or can be handed over so you can edit it yourself
  • A combination of any of these options!

What about a professionally produced music video?

So you have great tunes on your CD, and maybe you have a concept, or maybe you need help developing one, based on one of your killer tracks! If so, we can help you find locations, set up effects shots, and anything and everything that will make your video rise above the rest!

Set your band apart!

Contact us now and let’s get started, because while you’re thinking about it, some other band is making it happen!

Oh, and you don’t have to simply take our word for it, here’s a few samples for your (re)viewing pleasure:

Above video was shot for a special jam session, using two HD cameras and four tracks of audio, mixed and mastered.

Above video was shot in multiple takes at a rehearsal, and later mixed w/ lead vocal overdubs.

Don’t want to shoot video? Ok. This video was produced entirely with motion graphics for a CD pre-release promo.

Here are a couple more, truly live recordings:

One part Human (formerly Agenda21)

SNAP (Tribute Band)

If you have a song, or songs, or a whole set, we’ve got you covered!

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